Personal Protective Equipment Regulation 2016/425/EU

CCQS' scope of activities covers all types of PPE from head to toe.

PPE covers personal protection equipment used within industry. The Regulation excludes some PPE from the scope including, these types are defined in Annex I and include amongst others PPE used for armed forces or for maintenance of law and order, motorcycle helmets and oven gloves.

The PPE included are divided into 3 categories:

  1. simple design items do not require the input from a notified body, these are defined in Annex 8.
  2. All items that do not fall into category 1 or 3 and these require an EU-Type Examination Certificate from an NB
  3. Complex design requiring EU-Type Examination certificate plus Module C2 or D Final Production Control, these are also defined in Annex 8.


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