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Welcome to CCQS.

As a business to business consultancy, CCQS provides expert advice on CE marking and safety to manufacturers, importers and users of machinery and consumer products.

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All equipment used in the EU, whether manufactured inside or outside the EU, or even in-house, must meet EU technical requirements, in particular with regard to safety. This is essentially what the CE marking process is all about.

ccqs iconCE marking.
The key to doing business throughout the EU.

How does CE marking work? Click here for more information.

ccqs iconCCQS works in partnership with manufacturers

and importers to ensure that equipment and the documentation which describes it meets the requirements of all EU relevant directives and standards.

ccqs iconCCQS works in partnership with equipment buyers

and users to ensure that their equipment is safe and that the requirements of national regulations are satisfied.
ccqs iconIf you wish to check the validity of a certificate issued by CCQS UK Ltd. please contact

ideally including a scan of the certificate which you wish to check. We expect to respond within two working days.
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