Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (MD)

MD essentially covers most powered industrial machinery, powered and unpowered lifting equipment. It also covers some larger consumer machinery such as power tools.

For most equipment the manufacturer can make their own Declaration of Conformity, providing they have followed the correct procedures and have produced the correct documentation. Annex IV of the Directive contains a list of more dangerous machinery for which special measures are required.

CCQS can advise on the best approach to CE conformity for machinery. We can advise on design to ensure that the equipment and documentation meets the requirements of the Directive and harmonised standards. For non Annex IV equipment we can provide a voluntary certificate of conformity if required. For Annex IV equipment we can provide Notified Body certification.

CE marking of machinery is supported by something like seven hundred B (generic) and C (product specific) type harmonised EN standards. It can be hard to decide which standards are relevant to your equipment. CCQS staff are familiar with many of these standards and can help find relevant guidance.


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