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Apr 2, 2012

Dover No.6 Linkspan

Linkspan 1

Linkspans are the large bridges used to allow vehicles to get on and off car ferries. They must be moveable to allow for the effects of tide and to accomodate different ships. They are regarded as devices for lifting persons more than 3m and are therefore within the scope of Machinery Directive Annex IV for which certification by a Notifed Body is one route to conformity.


Linkspan 1

CCQS has been appointed to act as the Notified Body to examine the design and installation to ensure that the final installation meets all the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The equipment is planned for handover in April 2013, but CCQS is already involved in discussions with the designers, to ensure that the final machine is in conformity.

This project will be one of the largest machines with which CCQS has been involved to date.

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