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Oct 10, 2010

Theatre of Dreams, Macau

Macau performers

CCQS recently undertook an unusual job in the Theatre of Dreams in Macau. The project involved safety checks and certification of the performer flying apparatus for the new Franco Dragone production "The House of Dancing Water" in the Theatre of Dreams, the in-house show of the City of Dreams casino.

The flying equipment allows up to sixteen performers to be suspended on wires up to 20m metres above the stage whilst performing spectacular acrobatics.

Although performer flying equipment is excluded from the scope of the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the theatre management decided that the directive provided a good framework for a voluntary assessment of the safety fo their systems to show due diligence.

The project provided an unusual touch of glamour since the majority of our work is in an industrial setting. The theatre provides a very different environment, although in a show like this which involves a great deal of technology, there is a lot of advanced engineering.


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