Advice About CE Marking

Jun 5, 2020

Fake Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) certificates and Covid 19 Pandemic

CCQS has been notified that a number of manufacturers are selling PPE for healthcare and industrial applications on the back of false certificates and misleading information. The Covid 19 outbreak has exacerbated this situation.
We recommend that prior to purchasing any form of safety equipment supported by a certificate appearing to be issued by CCQS, you verify to ensure that such certificate is genuine.
There are two ways for you to verify that the certificate is genuine:
Verify the validity of the certificate through our online verification system at
Should you not be able to verify the validity of the certificate in this way, you can send the digital version of the certificate to
This must be the complete official certificate and not have any parts deleted or redacted or amended in any way.
If your document states 'Confirmation Letter' this is not a valid certificate.
We can then perform a check for you to find out if this certificate is genuine.
We are notifying various European regulators and law enforcement agencies, such as HSA in Ireland and Trading Standards in UK of any fraudulent certificates or misuse of information.

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